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STRIKE™ (System for TRIaging Key Evidence™) is an extremely fast, accurate and easy-to-use digital media exploitation kit.

STRIKE™ is designed to assist Special Operations Forces, Law Enforcement Officers, Homeland Security Personnel and Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence Agents conducting digital evidence collection and analysis activities with little to no training.

Non-technical operators are provided with a portable, automated system to rapidly extract data and analyze information, in-field in real-time, from captured digital devices and media in a forensically sound manner. Some examples include USB flash drives, multimedia cards, SIM cards, cell phones, CDs/DVDs, portable media players, hard drives and computers.

The robust foreign language analysis version (STRIKE Advanced™) identifies dozens of foreign languages, as well as harvests, categorizes, translates and presents named entities (persons, organizations, locations, emails, phone numbers, credit cards, IPs, etc.) without any prior watchlist/targeting information and without being tethered to network/cloud resources.

The self-contained kit is well suited for counterterrorism operations, force protection activities, interrogations, checkpoint screenings and criminal investigations, where time is of the essence.

STRIKE™ is the only digital evidence capture and triage device of its kind, designed for speed and simplicity, providing actionable intelligence within minutes - not hours, days or weeks.

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STRIKE™ is designed for speed and simplicity. With STRIKE™, an operator can quickly assess if digital evidence contains relevant information and take immediate action.

  • Automated digital triage processing, with pertinent information pushed to the operator in real-time.
  • Provides ability to rapidly examine devices and media in the field in a forensically sound manner (certified).
  • Extremely fast and accurate analysis; within seconds, an operator can interact with evidence files and analysis results: read text, view images, play videos and listen to audio before a triage is complete.
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface designed for use by non-technical operators with minimal training.
  • An operator can specify criteria to drive analysis and score results, including:
    • Target a wide variety of supported file types and data formats (documents, email, images, multimedia).
    • Keyword/pattern searching, language identification and text translation/correlation.
    • Identify geolocation references such as city, country and place names.
    • Identify adult content, faces and steganography in images.
    • Identify malware, viruses, known bad, known good and notable files.
  • Internet history analysis and web cache reconstruction.
  • Accurate results by analyzing active, deleted and hidden items.
  • Group, sort and filter results by analysis score, time, category and more.
  • Flag triage results and provide notes for later review or additional analysis.
  • Archive triage results for use in after action review and for ingestion in other applications like EnCase® by Guidance Software®, FTK® by AccessData® and SMART by ASR Data.
  • Remote, secure web-based administration and after action review.
  • Data import/export via secure network or removable media.

A complete listing of STRIKE™ features/specifications and kit contents is available here:
STRIKE v1.25 Technical Specifications RevA [PDF]

What does digital triage mean?
STRIKE's™ ability to rapid assess the pertinent contents of a device or piece of media and push that information to the operator.

Is STRIKE™ forensically sound?
Yes. STRIKE™ has been certified to be forensically sound by multiple government organizations (STRIKE™ does not adversely affect seized evidence).

Why haven't I heard about STRIKE™ until now?
Publicly available information about STRIKE™ has been limited until recently due to the nature of our customer base.

Who is using STRIKE™?
STRIKE™ kits are currently being used globally by the United States armed forces and other government organizations. STRIKE™ has been deployed to former and current theaters of operation (Iraq and Afghanistan).

When can I buy a STRIKE™ kit?
Now. STRIKE™ recently became available to civilian government agencies, domestic law enforcement organizations, and overseas entities.

STRIKE™ does not seem to be like other forensic products. Does it really work?
Yes. Being fast, accurate, and easy-to-use is not just a marketing tag line; our company has various independent after action reviews and success stories from deployed operators to support our claims.

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